Alex eBook Reader – Android Based with Dual Screen

Alex-eBook-ReaderThe Alex eBook Reader is an Android based device that has two screens and runs Marvell’s ARMADA 166E chip. The new chip allows frame rates of up to 3fps on the eInk screen up top that although not a huge amount of frames could give some basic animation to images/comics read on the eBook.

A high frame rate isn’t the main goal of Marvell though as it’s ARMADA 166E chip is designed to get rid of multi-chip controller boards and put everything on to a single chip that saves both space and battery usage.

The Alex eBook Reader using this chip has a dual screen setup with a larger 6 inch e-paper display up top with a smaller colour LCD screen below that runs the Android OS allowing you to interact with the eBook Reader. A built in modem and wi-fi chip allows you to connect to the internet to visit various websites, or use it to select a new eBook to read which is first represented on the smaller colour screen with the contents then put on to the larger screen (similar to the Nook we wrote about a couple of weeks back – see pending lawsuit). To save on battery life the colour screen is switched off when not used. Having web browsing available on the smaller colour screen also gives a better experience as it’s full colour and renders a lot quicker than the 3 frame per second speeds on the e-paper.

The small screen is also capacitive and can make use of the majority of Android’s features such as being able to show photo galleries, video and use an on-screen keyboard for text entry.

Overall it appears to be an impressive device from Spring Design. Via: MaximumPC


  1. it is said that alex is a mobile type device ebook reader, how did they come-up using android os?why not maemo os like installed in nokia n900 that is said a mobile computer like device that has also full internet browsing?

  2. it is also said that alex is a full internet browser,do it supports any anti-virus to protect the device?

  3. i’m wondrin why Spring Design called their product “Alex”?why not their company’s name(Spring Design)?

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