Alcatel One Touch XTRA going to Orange UK

It has been confirmed that Orange in the UK will be adding the Alcatel One Touch XTRA to their network.

The XTRA from Alcatel is a QWERTY slider phone that is aimed at those wanting to keep in touch through social networking. This means that Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites are all easily accessible on the phone and play a prominent part of the UI.

Technical spec wise the One Touch XTRA has a QVGA screen, a 2 megapixel digital camera along with Bluetooth connectivity. There is no mention of WiFi that I can find although the phone does connect over EDGE networks.

Although the phone lacks 3G connectivity and WiFi, the price tag shows the reason why. At just less than £50 you will be getting a phone that can be used for email, social networking and be generally be good at keeping in touch with friends. It doesn’t have the premium features such as a high-res screen and fast connectivity, but it does it’s job.

The phone will be launching soon on the Orange network in the UK on both PAYG and contract.

Via: Coated

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