AirPrint Hacktivator Enabled iOS Air Print Service

We are still unclear exactly how Apple will launch AirPrint in iOS 4.2. At the moment, the last we heard was that shared printers are now not supported and the only way to print from the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is to print to one of ten AirPrint compatible wireless HP printers.

If this continues to be the case then you might want to test out AirPrintHacktivator that manages to re-enable the service. To get it to work you’ll need a Mac along with the latest Max OS X 10.6.5 as well as iOS 4.2 GM of course.

If you have these then download the application and click the Hacktivate button. Once done, you should be able to print from iPad to a printer connected to the Mac.

Via: Life Hacker

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