Aggressive Quadrocopter Demonstrates Accurate Manoeuvres

The video below shows an autonomous quadrocopter that flies aggressively, but accurately through small openings.

The flying device actually looks quite scary when seen on video. It can fly through a letter box opening with less than 3 inches gap on all sides. Also, the letter box opening can be at any angle in 3D, meaning it can fly down through a small opening or at any other angle. What makes this even more impressive is the sheer speed it can fly through the small openings. The quadrocopter certainly doesn’t hang about and flys quickly from point to point in a very accurate way.

Other demos on the video include the copter attaching to a wall surface at various angles. Again, the accuracy is amazing. Check out the video below to see it all in action and how a couple of them can work together and almost fly through each other without hitting each other.


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