Aegis Mini 1.8 Inch Portable HDD

pocket-1-8-inch-hddApricorn have launched their Aegis Mini 1.8 Inch portable HDD’s. These little HDD’s can store up to 240GB of data which is quite cool.

What makes these things better is that they are about the size of a deck of cards and weigh just 3.7oz making it very easy to cart them around in your pocket. Several versions are available in both USB and Firewire flavours. As well as being light weight and small they also are powered via USB or Firewire getting rid of the need of an external power source.

The USB drives have 80GB, 120GB and 240GB of storage and cost $149, $189 and $269 respectively while the Firewire versions come in the same capacities and each cost $10 more.

Aegis Mini HDD Features

* Pocket-sized storage
* Weighs just 3.7oz
* High Capacity
* Bus Powered
– No need for an AC Adapter
* Integrated USB 2.0 Cable
* Extensive Shock Mounting
– 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system

Available over on Amazon. Via: CrunchGear

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