Advent Vega Tablet Has Flash 10.1 Removed

Advent announced yesterday that Adobe Flash 10.1 running on the Advent Vega tablet has not passed Adobe’s certification. What this means is that all Advent Vega’s sold from now on will have Flash 10.1 removed.

A version of the Adobe 10.1 download for the Vega is expected to be made available early in 2011, we assume when Advent iron out the bugs with Adobe.

What this means for current Vega owners is that you’ll still be able to use the uncertified version of flash you have although the experience has been described as not as efficient as a certified version. When the certified version launches, you’ll be able to update to it.

For those who get a Vega without flash, you should be able to find an unofficial install on the web somewhere.

Via: Android Community

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