Adobe to Optimize Flash for MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air models launched a few weeks back and shortly after it was noted that installing Flash on the MacBook Air killed battery life, knocking a good chunk (two hours) of the run time on the said laptop.

Engadget interviewed Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen and specifically asked what those result mean for the future of Flash… of course the question was partially dodged although Narayen also indicated that a beta version of Flash for the MacBook Air is being built. This kind of means they are aware of the problems and are working on a solution.

What’s interesting to note is that Adobe also commented (previously to the Engadget interview) that the MacBook Air running HTML5 content would also suffer the same battery life drop.

The future of Flash isn’t known at the moment as it seems many are moving towards the HTML5 platform. It seems at this point that they have a lot of work to do to make sure things carry on running for them.

Via: Tuaw

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