Adobe Flash Could be on 250 Million Devices by end of 2012

Adobe [ADBE] has reported that it expects to see Flash installed on over 250 million devices by the end of 2012. A scaled-down version of flash has been created that allows the software to function on less powerful phones.

Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs has sharply criticized Flash, calling it unreliable and ill-suited for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, raising questions about its security and power-management.

Although Apple [AAPL] has resisted using Flash and instead has promoted the use of the HTML5 standard, companies such as Google [GOOG] are embracing the technology and we will soon see it in Android 2.2 when it launches.

As well as Google Android allowing Flash, it is also believed that Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia/Symbian and Windows Phone 7 will fully support the technology.

Over 250 million devices running mobile Flash in 2.5 years is quite an impressive achievement. Lets see in December 2012 if this happened or if they were way off the mark. Perhaps Steve Jobs is right and the HTML5 standard will be more popular. Only time will tell.

Via: Daring Fireball and Reuters


  1. but this is the first time they have been allowed to sell the iPhone 4 on launch day.

    So the iPhone 4 has been launched before?

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