Adobe to drop Flash to iPhone Support for Apple Device

Adobe have announced that they are dropping the flash to iPhone converter from future versions of it’s software. This comes as no real surprise considering Apple [AAPL] recently blocked the use of CS5 for developing iPhone apps since the 3.3.1 article in the Developer Program License Agreement.

The information comes from Mike Chambers who is the principle product manager over at Adobe on the Flash platform. He basically sums up the changes as follows…

‘We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature, Mike says. In the post, he also criticizes Apple’s treatment of developers. ‘If you want to develop for the iPhone you have to be prepared for Apple to reject or restrict your development at anytime, and for seemingly any reason,

Apple aren’t about to give in any time soon and with more large sites switching over to HTML5 for video the reasons for Apple using flash are getting smaller and smaller.

Via: Mashable

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