Adobe Attack Apple with New Ads

Adobe and Apple [AAPL] have been in the news a fair bit recently with this Flash business. They still seem to be feeling the pains as they just started up a new campaign over on Engadget where two ads are showing. The first says “We [heart] Apple” and the second ad says “What we don’t love is anybody taking away your freedom to choose what you create, how you create it, and what you experience on the web”.

As well as pushing the ads on to Engadget, a letter has also been written by Adobe saying what they feel about the situation…

We believe that consumers should be able to freely access their favorite content and applications, regardless of what computer they have, what browser they like, or what device suits their needs. No company – no matter how big or how creative – should dictate what you can create, how you create it, or what you can experience on the web.

When markets are open, anyone with a great idea has a chance to drive innovation and find new customers. Adobe’s business philosophy is based on a premise that, in an open market, the best products will win in the end – and the best way to compete is to create the best technology and innovate faster than your competitors.

We believe that Apple, by taking the opposite approach, has taken a step that could undermine this next chapter of the web – the chapter in which mobile devices outnumber computers, any individual can be a publisher, and content is accessed anywhere and at any time.

In the end, we believe the question is really this: Who controls the World Wide Web? And we believe the answer is: nobody – and everybody, but certainly not a single company.

Adobe isn’t going to give up the battle too soon although it appeared a few weeks ago to be that way. Engadget also point out that Adobe need to make sure they run the ads in HTML5 format also to allow iPad and iPhone users to actually see the ads.

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