Acer Launching Chrome OS Devices in Two Weeks

VentureBeat are reporting that Acer are set to launch new Chrome OS based devices in as little as two weeks. The new devices (we assume netbooks and maybe smartbooks) will be launched at Computex that is being held in Taipei from June 1 to June 5.

Google [GOOG] designed Chrome OS to function on netbooks, tablets and smartbook devices, so it could be either one of those with the emphasis probably being on the netbook and smartbooks.

No other information is known about Acer and their plans for Chrome OS, but as June is only a few weeks away, it wont be long before we find out for sure where they are heading with Chrome OS.

It is unclear at the moment how Google will run Android and Chrome OS and how each will be selected for devices. We are starting to see Android based tablets showing up which follows the pattern of Apple [AAPL] in that they are using the iPhone OS for the iPad. We have heard though that Chrome OS and Android could end up merging over time which would make one OS perhaps bringing Android more cloud based like Chrome OS is.

Although Acer are unveiling the Chrome OS devices in the next few weeks, it is unclear at the moment how long before they are available for purchase, and this could be several months away still.

Via: Venture Beat

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