Acer Ferrari 1200 Announced

acer_ferrari_1200Acer recently announced their Ferrari 1200 laptop that will be coming soon. The laptop is sleek in looks as it has a carbon fibre cover. Carbon fibre is lighter and stronger then magnesium alloy. Lets see if the inside is as posh as the outside.

Other unique features to make it really look Ferrari-ish include a touchpad that that resembles the brake and acceleration pedals of a Ferrari car. The ventilation for the laptop echoes the design of exhaust pipes on an F1 car (hopefully the loud noises not included).

Now that the design side is mostly out of the way lets look at the technical specs. The laptop has a widescreen that measures 12.1 inches and uses Acer’s CrystalBrite LCD with a white LED backlit display. With the backlight being LED there is less power consumed by the screen making it possible to run the laptop longer. With it having a 12.1 inch screen it probably falls out of the classification of being a netbook. Also inside you will find a slot-loading DVS SuperMulti Optical drive as well as 2nd generation Dolby Home Theatre sound which is a nice touch.

On the connectivity side you will find Bluetooth which also allows the supplied mouse to connect up too. An optional Xpress VoIP phone can be used too. Wireless connectivity allows you to connect to any 802.11 based network (so we assume that’s 802.11n also). The Ferrari 1200 is powered by an AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobile processor and it also has the AMD M780G chipset in there too to enhance capabilities on the graphics side. A hefty 4GB of DDR2 memory can be found in there too.

Overall it seems to be an impressive laptop that given the technical side of things should be very capable of running anything you throw at it.

Via: Acer

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