Acer E110 Android and P300 Windows Mobile Phones Unveiled

Acer have revealed details of a couple of new phones called the Acer E110 that runs the Google Android OS and the Acer P300 that will run Windows mobile.

The Acer E110 has appeared over at Bluetooth SIG and is expected to run Android 2.0 when launched. For connectivity the E110 will use UMTS/HSDPA at 900/1200MHz or 850/1900MHz. Assisted GPS is built in along with Bluetooth and although not mentioned here, we assume WiFi at atleast 802.11b/g. The screen size and resolution is unknown although we do know it is touchscreen. Four buttons are to be found under the screen which are home to the traditional Send/End/Back and Home keys.

The other phone revealed is the Acer P300 that runs Windows Mobile. It is currently unknown what version of Windows Mobile will run on the device although we assume it will be somewhere within the 6.5 builds. For connectivity the Acer P300 has HSDPA/HSUPA along with Bluetooth 2.0 and wireless 802.11 b/g.

Exact release dates of the two phones is unknown although I suspect they will be made available in either Q1 or Q2 this year. Via: UnwiredView


  1. Phone Recycling says

    Acer continue to create good affordable products. I just bought an Acer desktop myself this week and I am very happy with the design and cost. I think these phones will be popular when released.

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