Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ Ready for Pre-Order

Acer-Aspire-Timeline-1820PTZFor those of us in the UK we can expect to get our hands on the Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ netbook tablet on 25 January 2010. now have the netbook tablet available for pre-order on their site.

The Acer 1820PTZ as mentioned, is a netbook tablet. The screen can be swivelled around and folded back down allowing you to use pen input. The tablet is also multitouch allowing more than one finger to make contact with the screen for zooming and gesture input.

The netbook tablet is powered by a Pentium Dual Core ULV SU4100 1.3GHz processor and has a healthy 3GB of ram and 160GB of storage. The multitouch screen measures 11.6 inches and the device runs Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Graphics power is provided by the traditional Intel GMA 4500MHD and for connectivity the Acer 1820PTZ has wireless at 802.11a/b/g and draft n (we assume they mean just n now). Battery life for the netbook is rated at 8 hours with power being provided by a 6 cell battery. Around the sides of the Timeline tablet there are 3x 2.0 USB ports along with a HDMI port, VGA port, microphone/speaker/line-out jack, headphone jack, RJ45 for Ethernet connections and a power connection to keep the netbook charging.

Available for pre-order now at costing £529.99.

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