AAA Powered Cell Phone

Philips AAA Powered Phone
Loosing power to your mobile in this day in age is like loosing an arm. I have seen a number of people have to suddenly go home to charge their phone because they dont want to miss that all important text message from a friend.

Philips has launched a new celphone which supports the use of a backup AAA battery which allows up to 3 hours more of talk time on the handset. The phone is named the Xenium NRG and its primary source of power is a regular phone type battery and the AAA can be put in as a secondary battery.

The idea is actually great and more useful then I first imagined. AAA batteries have an advantage over regular mobile phone batteries in that they are a lot cheaper and also come fully charged off the shelf. Also availability is far greater with them being in almost every shop you walk in to.

Via: I4U

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