A6 Processor for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Could be From Samsung

When Apple [AAPL] releases its next generation iPad we could be seeing an A6 processor inside that has been built by Samsung. Samsung currently make the processors for iOS based devices (the older A4 chip and the newer A5 chip). It is now believed that they will be making the next generation chip for next years devices.

Recently we had heard that TSMC had signed a contract to build processors for Apple but now it seems that Samsung could still have the job according to a report in the Korea Times.

If the iPad 3 is to get an A6 processor then we also assume that the iPhone 5 will also get the same processor as Apple often keeps similar hardware in the year that each product is launched.

The differences between the current A5 processor and the rumoured A6 is that the former is dual-core while the latter is likely to be a quad-core chip.

Although Apple will likely continue to work with Samsung, we doubt that it will stop the current lawsuits from happening and we expect to see the two fight it out over the course of the next few months or year.

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