A Phone you can Brick

Tianyu B832
The Tianyu B832 is a phone which allows you to turn it in to a brick if it gets stolen. Although doing this wont get your phone back, it will give you the satisfaction that the thief cannot use it. The B832 has a built in system in which when a different SIM card is inserted in to it, it then sends out a text message to a number of different pre defined numbers (up to 5) asking if you authorise this SIM card change. If not, then reply and it disables the phone and changes it in to a worthless brick.

Ultimately this is a phone and so it must also appeal to users who want the standard features of a modern phone. The Tianyu B832 does deliver and comes with a media player, camera and FM receiver. No price is available yet and predictions hold this to be a china exclusive. But I am sure that if succesful over that way then a similar alternative will be launched in other parts of the world.

Via: Ubergizmo


  1. lyndonmaxewell says

    It is a rather nice feature to implement. Something along the line of ” If I can’t have it, so can’t you’. What I would prefer though, is to put a tracking device in it to recover it. However, it depends on your location though. In my local context (Singapore), it is a pretty small country, thus more viable to implement the tracking option.

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