A Look Inside Microsoft Socl

In July, Microsoft accidentally published details of a social network that was currently being built by Microsoft Research. Details were a little sketchy and quickly pulled off line. The Verge now has a few more details about what it actually is.

Socl has a familiar 3 column layout with navigation on the left, social interaction down the middle and options on the right which include ads, requests and something called video party.

The new network is believed to be centred around results from the Bing search engine and when you ask a question (perform a search) this is then added to a feed at which point friends can comment or like with Facebook.

Rather than basically rewrite what The Verge has written, take a look over at the post there to get the full details of what can be done.

It is believed Microsoft [MSFT] will be ending its private test soon and that a more public testing phase will be done. But also remember that this is a Microsoft Research project which could mean it never actually launches. Socl is obviously late to the game following Facebook and Google+ for starters, but it seems that Microsoft is attempting to tackle “social” from a different and unique angle. It will be interesting to see where they can go with this.

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