9mm Solar Sensor – Self Powered Computer

This little device is a self powered computer. It is described as being the “Smallest commercial-class, solar-powered sensor”. It features an ARM processor, it has a solar panel built in and measures just 2.5 x 3.5mm making it 1,000 times smaller than similar products.

The company behind it have managed to get the device to be so efficient that it uses about 2,000 less power when in sleep mode than other similar types of devices. If exposed to light a few times a day the device can continue running without being shut down. The only restriction on how it performs is when the battery dies after a few years of usage.

When powered on the device spends most of it’s life in sleep mode and powers on when needed for just a few minutes to take measurements. The average power consumption is just 1 nanowatt (ie, not a lot of energy).

You may be wondering what such a device will be used for in the future. One possible option is in the medical field where the sensor could monitor changes to pressure on the eyes, brain or in tumors found in patients. If and when installed in a body the system could drop the solar panel and work on extracting power generated by human heat or movement. With very little power needed it certainly wouldn’t be too difficult to get the power it needs.

It’s certainly interesting to see how technology is progressing. We probably wont see too much of this little device for another few years, but by 2020 the world will certainly full of interesting gadgets such as these.

Via: Alternative Energy News

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