$999 Apple iMac Launched for Education

A new iMac launched today. The new version has a sub $1000 price tag and is aimed at education. The note on the Apple site says it’s for Education Only which means that individuals cannot buy it.

The specs reveal that it has a 3.1GHz processor (an Intel Core i3 Dual-Core). The screen measures 21.5 inches. It uses an AMD Radeon HD 6750 that has 256MB RAM. There’s 2GB of RAM in this version and it comes pre installed with OS X Lion as expected. A SuperDrive is also included in the config. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this model utilises ThunderBolt as the technical specs don’t mention it. We assume it doesn’t but at the same time, expected it to.

A list of all the details (document published today), can be found over on the Apple site. As well as offering the sub $1000 model, Apple also allow educational institutions to add more RAM which will take it to over $1000.

Although the specs are lower than the latest generation machines we still expect these models to fit well with education as they tend not to need the same hardware that power users would use for example.

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