8Gb Memory Stick DUO

Memory Stick DUO
It’s about time we get some good meety memory sticks from Sony. The latest and greatest is the MSX-M8GS which has 8Gb of memory on it. Thats a fair bit and a good amount to backup a few movies and games on to. Before you go and fork out 325 dollars for one of these, you need to make sure your device is compatible. If you run a Sony PSP then it needs to have at least firmware 2.81. I am not sure as of yet that anything lower might be made compatible through home brew, but with the announcement that V3.xwas cracked open earlier this month then it might be worth upgrading anyway.

Of course, 325 dollars is a tad over the top for most people wanting an 8Gb memory stick. No doubt prices will drop over the next 6 months, so keep in mind that if you really want one then consider just waiting a little longer. No doubt in 6 -12 months time the next step in storage will have happened though and 16Gb Memory stick DUO’s will be available.

Via: Sony-Asia

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