70 Gigapixel Photo of Budapest Equipment

Last week we wrote about a 70 gigapixel image of Budapest that was captured and processed in to the largest image in the world. The photo was made up of 20,000 images individually captured and stitched together with software to provide an amazing view of Budapest that can be zoomed right in to.

The equipment used to capture the image included two 25 megapixel Sony A900 cameras that each had a 400mm Minolta lens attached along with 1.4 X teleconverters.

Although there is no indepth information regarding the cameras used and the process used (we have seen that before on previous videos), it’s still interesting to see exactly what setup was used to capture such an amazing image.

The photo it’s self is relatively clear except for when zooming right in (especially at a distance), but you do still get to look amazingly close to anything you can see on the screen.

The full image can be found over here to look at.

Via: Wired

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