7 Inch Motorola Tablet Spotted

The tablet pictured below is believed to be the next generation Motorola Android Tablet. The screen size hasn’t been confirmed although estimates hint at it being 7 inches. What makes this image quite interesting is that the tablet is also quite slim.

The tablet runs the Android Honeycomb operating system although it’s quite difficult to actually see this in the image above. We also see another device in the top right of the image which is possibly a DROID HD although this isn’t confirmed either.

Back to the 7 inch tablet… we hear that it might have microUSB and microHDMI connections built in. The screen is expected to be in a 16:9 aspect ratio although the exact resolution is still unknown.

We might not hear much about this over the next month although rumours are hinting that it will be announced in time for a Christmas 2011 launch. As soon as we hear more we’ll update the site.


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