64GB iPhone 4 Video Hands-On

Yesterday, a 64GB iPhone 4 was spotted. The device is believed to be an official prototype model, perhaps direct from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. On the back it is identified as having XXGB although a look in the settings reveals it is actually 64GB.

What is believed to be happening here is that Apple could be looking at introducing a larger capacity iPhone 4 in the near future while perhaps dropping off the 16GB model. It is unclear at the moment. What we could also be seeing is a fake although it does look convincingly real from the quality of the glass and components inside, down to how the iOS runs.

MIC Gadget managed to get a video of the 64GB iPhone 4 that shows the memory listed on the about page, along with a look on the back and a look inside the device.

One thing that hints this might not be a new prototype is the serial number on the device. This, according to one comment on YouTube, shows it as being an early 2010 model. Perhaps 64GB iPhone 4’s were in the pipe line but got dropped nearer to the June 2010 launch for being too pricey. We wont know for sure until Apple does or does not announce it.

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