5.2 Million iPhones Activated in Summer 2010 on AT&T

AT&T [T] in the US has activated a record number of iPhones this summer just gone. Numbers indicate that 5.2 million were activated in the summer period which is up when compared to the spring period when 3.2 million were sold.

The total numbers reveal that a total of 8 million integrated devices were activated during the summer quarter with the majority of those being the iPhone. The breakdown of which versions of the iPhone were activated is not known although we suspect that it leans heavily to the iPhone 4.

AT&T now has 92.8 million customers. It isn’t known at the moment if AT&T can keep up those activation numbers when and if the Verizon [VZ] iPhone launches. We expect there will be some sort of drop, but its too early to predict what the drop will be.

Via: TUAW and Geeky Gadgets

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