400,000 Active Apps Now Available in the Android Market

The Android Market is continuing to grow. Numbers estimated today indicate that there are now 400,000 active apps available in the Android Market which are created by around 100,000 developers.

The graph above breaks down the free and paid apps and shows that about two thirds of the 400,000 apps are free. This will vary a little from what we see on iOS as those users tend to spend a little more on apps.

The graph is showing that a good amount of apps are being submitted and the pace of apps being released seems to be increasing as well. Comparing the Android and iOS numbers we see that 200,000 active apps took Apple 22 months while it took Google 31 months to reach. What is impressive though is that Google went from 200k to 300k with in four months and did the next 100k also in four months. It took Apple 8 and 7 months to reach those targets. The chart below shows how each market/store grew over the period of about three years.

At the moment it seems easier to purchase apps in iOS as you have your CC details in the system already and buying is as simple as entering your password on the device. With Google, you don’t need to specify any card details which means if and when you want to purchase, you’d need to enter them.

Source Statistics from Distimo.

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