Only 40,000 Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold on US Launch Day

Early reports from analysts indicate that Microsoft [MSFT] only managed to shift 40,000 Windows Phone 7 smartphones on the US launch a few days ago. Microsoft has not commented on the numbers yet. If analysts are correct (which they not always are), this would put sales far behind those of the iPhone and Android based smartphones.

Analysts also hint that some problems could be related to a choice of too many smartphones. Four were available on launch day with even more being launched over the next few weeks. Also, there were some stocking issues from what we understand with the HTC HD7 being out of stock in many places as well as shortages of the Dell Venue Pro.

The operating system is a huge change from Windows Mobile 6.5 and is also different from Android and iOS. It works well. If we get official numbers in terms of sales then we’ll provide an update. For now, we’d have expected more to be shifted though.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Charles Goin says

    I think its more a matter of sales were low due to T-mo not supporting it.. MOST (if not all) T-mobile stores, have little to no displ,ays set up for the phone. You have to specfically ask for it and THEN they will “go find” the sample. The launch at T-mobile has been pathetic to say the least. The Dell Venue Pro was launched at only 6 MS stores that had a handfull of them each. Not only that for some reason T-mobile isnt even selling it directly through T-mobile. Then the AT&T launch was short one of the most desirable phones in the LG Quantum (THe only W7P with a keyboard, other than the fore mentioned Venue you can’t b uy yet). Go to a AT&T store and ask about the Quantum and they say they will be available “soon” and on thier site its on “pre-order”. So is it WP7? Nope.. its the absolutely horrible launch by T-mobile, T-mobiles questionable support of the HD7 and total lack of indifference for the Venue, all while they launch thier “4G” Touch phone. Combined with AT&T launching without the premiere phone of the group. Overall the launch has been a complete screwup.. reminds me of the Zune and Kin launches.. great hardware with great software and MS then washing its hands of the product.. They need to get the group behind the Xbox to do the advertising and getting the sales in order. There is still hope but they need good avertising and kiss up to T-mobile to get them behind OS, and most of all get T-mobile to start selling the Dell Venue Pro. So in final when you only have 40,000 sets to sell and dont advertise them at all.. then thats whats going to sell. The stores aren’t stocked, and no one on the ground knows anything about the phones, etc.. so what can you expect. If anything, I think its impressive 40,000 sold in just a few days with no real advertising or support, especially from one of thier launch partners.

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