3M Multi-Touch Display Launched

3M are launching a new multitouch screen that measures 22 inches and is capable of capturing input from up to 10 fingers. The screen is called the M2256PW and runs at a high-definition resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels. The new LCD screen is aimed at professionals and professional consumers who are looking for true multi-touch compatibility.

Utilizing this new technology, software developers are able to revolutionize the way users interact with all types of information and to expand traditional touch interaction to include multiple users and increase collaboration. “Consumers and prosumers have come to expect multi-touch functionality in their everyday electronic devices”, Tsourides says. “The release of the M2256PW display provides a technological leap in multi-touch interactivity, surpassing traditional two-finger multi-touch by providing full, 10-finger multi-touch capability.”

Inputs to the screen include DVI and VGA as well as audio inputs, USB and RS232 for dual-mode communication. The front of the screen is covered in an anti-glare coating.

3M envisage application for this type of screen could be CAD, digital signage, gaming, security monitoring systems, education/training and teleconferencing.

The screen it’s self is already compatible with Windows 7 that has multitouch functions built in to it which gets rid of the need to buy additional software to run the screen.

Via: 3M

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