3DS Black Screen of Death Starts Appearing

The Nintendo 3DS launched a few days ago in the UK and it seems that reports of what is being described as a “black screen of death” are now appearing on line.

The error message, available below, says “An error has occurred. Hold down the POWER button to turn off the power, then turn it on and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your local customer support centre. For contact details, check the Operations manual or visit support.nintendo.com.”

The error seems to be happening on various games although one user found it happened while playing a particular game online and that when his WiFi signal was low he saw the message more often. Perhaps it is just a signal error and how the 3DS doesn’t know how to handle a drop of signal. Either way, if it’s software then expect a fix for it.

Has your Nintendo 3DS had the same problems?

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