3D TV’s With No Specs Around the Corner

3dtv3D is becoming a big thing since a plethora of 3D screens and graphics cards were revealed over the last year. When ever people think of 3D they think of the red and blue cardboard specs that you had to wear when watching Jaws 3D back in the 80’s. These more modern days we now see rather cool looking dark glasses which are more acceptable but still a pain if you ask me. For this reason a company have been working on a 3D TV that requires no special glasses at all and allows you to just sit and watch.

If the technology can be made to work successfully then it is on to a winner if you ask me. Nobody really wants the hassle of wearing an extra pair of glasses to watch TV which makes this idea perfect.

The technology was first created by a company named Holovision. They ended April last year and a successor named Osiris took over.

The resolution used to generate these 3D holographic style images is 10x that of HDTV which is fairly massive. Right now it requires that 9 PC’s hooked up together work to produce the images.

‘We basically organised projection engines in a special way and used holographic imaging film for the display screen. The combination of these, with the projection engines being driven by a cluster of nine high-end PCs, and new sophisticated software, allowed us to achieve our aims, he notes.

6 colors are used in the system which create a full range of colors much like RGB currently does. A rear projector system is used with a series of mirrors that allows the user to move their head around. It was compared to looking through a window and walking around… you see more of the picture the more you move around. By using the mirrors and rear projection they are currently able to get the screen to a depth of about 20 inches.

Hopefully they can get this technology spot on and ready in the next few years as it will be a big hit. Full details at Physorg.

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