3D Screen Made of Water Plays Tetris

Check out this Tetris style game that is being played on a screen made of water. The screen is separated in to three screens with the water streams lined up allowing a projector to project seamlessly on to each layer.

The result, although not amazing in terms of resolution and clarity, is still quite amazing. It allows a 3D effect to be given thanks to the depth of the water streams which are created by 50 stainless steel needles. 60 lines of image are created every second to make up the “floating image”.

Check out the video below to see it working and how it looks.

There are a number of applications for a screen such as this. One could be to use sterile water and project images on to it in hospitals to keep the screen clean so to speak. Another application could be in an opera house to drop water from above and create floating images when needed. It’s probably a long way till we see anything like this used day to day, but still great to see the progress being made by the team. More details can be found at new scientist.

Via: Kotaku

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