3D Maps from Apple and Google compared

Over the last few months both Apple and Google have announced 3D maps are coming. Google quickly delivered by adding 3D to Google Earth on iOS. Apple is taking a little longer as the company is dropping Google Maps as the default map in iOS 6 and is going for its own mapping system.

iDownloadBlog decided to put maps up against each other to see which company produces the best 3D maps. At the moment Apple has the higher quality maps although Googles version of the same cities load a little quicker and that app offers a smoother experience.

Although Apple gets the better detail as in quality, it is a lot slower in terms of performance. Google has worked hard with Google Maps and over the years they have enhanced the performance of the app. I suspect that Google has used similar techniques when it added 3D maps to keep performance high.

Take a look at the video below to see a side-by-side comparison of Google vs Apple and see what you think.

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