3D Faces on OLED Passports

face_scanA few companies are putting together security systems which scan your face in 3D to provide better and more secure bio-metric services. One of these companies has taken this technology a step further by working towards an OLED based passport.

Bundesdruckerei’s 3D Face Project uses a biometric system called VISOTEC Expert 300, an optical and electrical verification rig that references detailed facial features written onto a chip card.

The image quality needed for these types of bio-metric scan means the pictures have to be at least 491 x 656 pixels in size to allow for the algorithm to function and scan the small blocks to check local correlations. The current system has an error rate of less then 0.05% which means less then one in every 2000 scans would be wrong. This rate needs to be halved though.

With the system carrying so much detail it has also been programmed to take age increases and weight gains/losses in to consideration. The only downside I can see of this type of security system is that we… the passport holders… will end up paying a fair bit for these new swanky OLED passports.

One other problem the company are trying to work out is how to power the device. Right now it seems they are looking in to a heat powered battery to keep a small charge on the passport.

Once I get over the “possible” costs I think it would be rather cool carrying a passport with a 3D image of my head spinning around.

Via: Wired

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