3D Display

Ever since seeing Starwars I have wanted a 3D display which can project charachters in to thin air. Helio display comes close but you can still see the vapour wobbiling the picture a little. Other screens such as the fog screen also produce lots of amount of fog. This new True 3D display might actually be progressing some what closer to having the starwars experience in your home 🙂

The display works by firing lasters that intersect each other creating small amounts of plasma. Plasma is known to be on the hot side so it could be dangerous although it’s still a step forwards. The device which was on display at SIGGRAPH this year can produce 100 dots per second and in turn, creates a True 3D image.
I see potential with this and over the next few years it will be expected that we will see 200 dots/second then 400, 800, 1600 and more till they can create an imense 3D object. Sounds great!

Via: Ohgizmo

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