366K iOS Devices Activated Per Day

Apple held an earnings call yesterday that indicated that a healthy 366,666 iOS devices are now activated per day.

The 366K includes iPhone, iPad, iPod touch as well as the new Apple TV that also runs iOS for the operating system.

This particular number now significantly beats Google Android which was reported as being 300K/day last month.

The full breakdown of numbers shows that 16.4 million iPhones were sold, 10 million iPod touches and 7.33 million iPads. This is 33 million iOS devices in the last quarter.

Quite impressive and we suspect Apple will continue to see numbers increase. Something to take in to consideration here though is that Android 3.0 is launching soon. This will see a number of tablets running it which will further add to the numbers, so at the moment all we can see is that it will be an interesting year. As for Microsoft… they have a long way to catch up at the moment.

Via: 9to5Mac


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