312 Key Music Keyboard – Sounds Crazy

Does it actually have 312 keys?

The 312 key keyboard above is a musical instrument. It has 312 keys, but from looking at the keyboard being used it seems like you press one and 2, 3 or 4 above it also get pressed down. I am not sure if that qualifies it as a 312 key keyboard. I could be wrong though as maybe it does create a different sound depending on which key down the line is pressed.

If any one knows I would be grateful to find out. Post a comment. There is one more video after the jump of this keyboard being used.

Via: animenarutard


  1. I believe it still counts as 312 keys. It seems to react similarly to a saxophone when you press certain keys.

  2. Excellent. Thanks for pointing that out. I do see how that could work now.

  3. Excellent

  4. what’s this?

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