3 USB Modem Price Drop

3-usb-modemYou may be aware that I am currently testing the 3 USB modem for 3 full months. I can still say that it’s exciting stuff! I received notification last night that the PAYG (Pay as you Go) price of the dongle just dropped.

As of today (May 1st) you can now pick up the PAYG green, black ZTE and Hiawei E220 dongles for £49.99. Up till now they have been £99.99 to purchase off contract.

There are 4 different price points for the PAYG version data plans starting at £0 for zero transfer in which you pay £1/Mb of data transferred as and when needed. For £10, £15 and £25 you get 1GB, 3GB and 7GB of data which matches the contract versions. My recommendation is to go for a PAYG version so that if you are not going to use it 1 month then you can just not bother paying up.

According to 3MobileBuzz the most popular is the 3GB package which allows you to send 2000 emails, 100 hours of average surfing with 200 minutes of video.

I recommend checking the prices out now! From my usage so far, I do recommend you pick one of these up if you are in need of surfing while on the move. They are well worth the money!

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