3 new Nikon DSLR Cameras Coming Soon – Rumour

Nikon Rumors are reporting that potentially three new Nikon Digital SLR cameras are in the pipeline and getting ready to be launched. This could include a Nikon D4000 that will be an entry level camera.

A second camera is mentioned and is said to have 39 AF points, 16 Megapixels with a 6300 ISO + HI2 position, the ability to capture at 24 frames per second in 1080p and an optional MB-D11 grip.

The PRO DLSR has 51 AF points currently with the D90 having 11 AF points. This leads Nikon Rumors in to thinking the 39 AF points of the 2nd camera mentioned above makes it a replacement of the D90 or a new product that fits somewhere inbetween the D90 and the Pro.

Other possibilities are also mentioned such as a D700 replacement. All the full details of the rumour can be found over on the Nikon Rumours site.

The third camera rumoured has no details about it yet although we could be looking at a high end camera if the basic and mid range cameras are covered.


  1. jewnowels says

    thats a good for DSLR fans…..is that a rumour only or indeed they are launching it..

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