27 inch iMac’s get Benchmarked

core-i7-imacsIf you are wanting a comparison of how powerful the latest 27 inch iMac’s are then check out the graph above. The graph represents benchmarks of the Core i7 models vs the Core i5’s. I’d like to mention that the i5’s are already quite fast, but seeing the i7’s get around a 35% performance boost the $200 upgrade doesn’t seem so bad.

For those of you interested in all the results, Geekbench have all the details recorded. Find the links after the jump.

27 inch iMac Results:

iMac Core i5 2.66Ghz
iMac Core i7 2.8Ghz
iMac Core 2 Duo 3.33Ghz
iMac Core 2 Duo 3.06Ghz

Via: Timon-Royer and Giz

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