27 inch iMac Taken Apart – SSD Installs Difficult

The new 27 inch iMac was announced a few days ago by Apple [AAPL]. OWC decided to quickly tear it down to see if adding an SSD drive was an easy option in the second drive bay.

Unfortunately it isn’t in most cases. If you ordered a single drive machine then Apple has left out the cable and mounting areas on the single drive iMac 27 inch model. To add another drive is possible, but you need to do a few things before just slotting the drive in.

The tasks needed to accomplish adding a second drive include the following…

1. Connect a data cable to the empty SATA port on the back of the logic board (a process requiring the removal of several screws and partial removal of the logic board.
2. Get a Y-cable that goes from 1 SATA male power connector to 2 SATA female power connectors. (This step is actually pretty easy.)
3. Find a way to secure your 2.5³ drive in the space that the carrier would normally hold it.

An easier option was mentioned which involved cutting holes through it with a dremel, but I’m sure nobody is quite ready for that extreme just yet.

Via: MacRumors


  1. Chad Ayers says

    So how much faster is SSD vs a average HD?

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