20x20x20 Rubiks Cube Solved – Kind Of

20—20x20 Rubiks Cube
If you are a Rubiks cube genius then you should check out the Gabbasoft Cube simulator which allows you to build various sized rubiks cubes to solve. Some guy decided that the usual 3x3x3 was too easy as well as the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5. He decided to do a massive 20x20x20 which I believe took just short of 8000 moves to solve it. To see this in action (with increased speed so you do not fall asleep) then check it out after the jump.

Get your own regular Rubiks Cube at ThinkGeek.

The software is available at Gabbasoft now.


  1. haha first comment…awesome

    is there like a specific algorithim group that would let you do that? like one you figured out?

  2. where can I get a digital rubik’s cube 5×5 and larger??? preferably for free.

  3. wow

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