2010 Manufacturer Mobile Phone Roadmap Leak for UK

Omio claim to have received details of a big number of mobile phone launches hitting the UK this year. They also claim that the leaked roadmap shows several of the large phone manufacturers and isn’t just limited to one like we have seen several times previously.

The list starts with this month with the Nokia E5-00, the Sony Ericsson W20 and Samsung i5500.

August brings some Blackberry devices as well as phones from LG and HTC. Also a new Nokia X6 is said to be launching with even less storage at 8GB which custs the price down a bit.

Rather than rehash the whole list, it would be worth checking out Omio for the full details as the list has perhaps another 15 – 20 phones listed that are due out this year.

Full details can be found here.

One thing to note is that a lot of the information appears to be pieced together from previous reports in the earlier months, so this might or might not be an official leaked roadmap… but it’s still interesting enough to take a good read of it to see what we might see here in the UK while moving closer to Christmas.

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