2009 – The Year to Replace your Camera

lumixgh1DVICE has compiled a list of 6 reasons why you should replace your digital camera this year. Lets take a look at what ideas they have and the reasons they give for suggesting we change our cameras.

The first on their list is HD (high definition) video recording. A lot of cameras coming out this year will be HD capable meaning you can capture stunning looking videos to play back on your large LCD HDTV. A big difference can be seen on HD and it’s well worth upgrading should you want to capture your children growing up and day to day events.

Next on the list is that cameras are smarter then we are. That is meaning in their features such as intelligent face tracking which you can put a subject in to a room full of people and the camera will stay focused on the person you tell it. Up till recently there were about 3 people who could be tracked, but newer models can track more and track them more accurately.

If you are wanting to move in to the DSLR scene then it’s becoming more cheaper. Companies like Sony are releasing their Alpha range cameras at a very competitive price. DSLR’s these days have a lot of the features that cost hundreds or thousands more a few years back. If you want to aim for high quality pics then a DSLR could be a good option this year for you.

Rather then me go completely over DVICE’s list here it would be worth me just pointing you over in that direction to take a look. Check the full list out here.

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