1TB SSD Sized like a Postage Stamp

Researches over in Japan have managed to successfully shrink down the traditional makings of an SSD (solid state drive) so small that 1TB of data could be stored on a device the size of a postage stamp. The company claims to have developed technology that shrinks the traditional sized SSD’s down by 90% making them ultra small. As well as shrinking the physical size down to near nothing, the chip also has energy efficiency boosted by 70%.

By creating SSD’s a fraction of the size and boosting their efficiency it paves way to a lot of small (in physical size) storage to be put in devices such as mobile phones and netbooks.

The research was performed by a group of institutions such as Toshiba and Keio University. The picture above shows a sample of what can be achieved and is a collection of 128 NAND flash memory chips along with a controller chip. The transfer speed achievable at the moment is around 2GBps.

It is expected that we could see high-capacity postage stamp sized storage in the next couple of years although expect some high prices for the first year or two of production if they do make it in to devices.

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