1 Tb Laptop Hard Drive

Hitachi have successfully scaled-down a key component in the hard drive down to nano-scale and this accomplishment allows for a 1 TB Laptop Hard Drive to be created. This breakthrough will allow hard drive capacities to quadruple in the next 4 years. For a desktop you can expect a hard drive to have a 4 Terabyte capacity with laptops and iPod’s having 1 Terabyte of storage. To give you an idea of what a Terabyte of information can store it would be equal to 1 million books, 250 hours of HD video or 250000 tunes. Quadruple that for the desktop sized hard drives and there you have an even more insane amount of storage space.

I can understand the need of such storage amounts in a business situation, but for personal use… I have barely broken the 20Gb mark and I bet half of that is just junk anyway. It is still an impressive accomplishment and although not needed right now, a 1 TB Laptop Hard Drive could well be needed in 4 years time when higher res photos will be stored, HD DVD’s will be stored and a lot more.

To accomplish this….

Hitachi said it has created the world’s smallest disk drive heads in the 30-nanometre to 50-nanometre range, or about 2,000 times smaller than the width of an average human hair.

Via: ZDNet


  1. i think its a great space of memory.I use around 40 gigs in like 2 months or sometimes even more so it is a wonderfull harddrive that they produced.

  2. @Muhammed
    You should capitalize the word “I”, as it’s the first letter of a sentence. Also, you didn’t use the proper punctuation mark in the word “its”. Further, what does the sentence “i think its a great space of memory.”?

    If you want people to take your posts seriously (and I would hope that you do), take more care through the use of proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure and overall context in regard to the topic.

    In its current form, you’re take part in a collective attack on the internet’s level of intelligence. Don’t be a part of the cult of the amateur.

  3. What a great breakthough. Personally, I have used up a couple terabytes of space on several drives, and its all usefull data to me. With divx movies at around 1gb each, ipod music libraries, build images and so forth I could put a 4tb drive to good use, and I would love having a 1tb ipod and laptop drive, with a 1tb ipod i would no longer need two music libraries, the huge one, and the one hand picked for my ipod.

    I am eagerly waiting on this to hit best buy stores.

    and as for chris, you should really consider shutting up before you turn yourself into an asshole, not everyone speaks english as a first language, and furthermore, not everyone composes posts on the internet as if it were critical to be gramatically correct

  4. Chris….

    quote: “In its current form, you’re take part in a collective attack on the internet’s level of intelligence. Don’t be a part of the cult of the amateur.”

    Before you get all self-righteous, read your own messages!

  5. This is great!! I could use more space! Sure some people may think ‘I only need 10GBs’ but I suppose you don’t get involved in media on your PC then. Converting all my DVDs to digital media so I can view it on my PS3 when I choose is pretty nice, but definately takes space

  6. Wolfman887 says

    The wonderfull thing about computers are the advancements. Just think back to Windows 3.1. At that time you were lucky to have an 800 MB HDD. And now we have a 2 TB HDD by Maxtor. And the 1TB laptop HDD from Hitachi. What a wonderfull World.

  7. liveforthemusic2 says

    If you are going to attack another user’s post in those terms, your post had better be impeccable, without error; which yours is not. An alternative would be a gentle inquiry for clarification if there is confusion. I empathize with your distaste for the bastardization of our language, and blatant disregard for proper structure and form. However, I feel the battle may be fought more efficiently by supporting the cause, rather then denouncing the problem (maybe you can write an article if you feel so strongly). Nobody is perfect, and as long as they try, just cut them some slack. For all you know, someone posting might not even speak English as their native language… anyway, enough getting sidetracked…

    That sums it up. It wasn’t too long ago when people were saying that nobody would ever need a TB of space, and now many of us are itching for more.

    I have a 2.5″ enclosure, and cannot wait for TB drives to be released.

  8. Seth Leedy says

    To: Wolfman887 – 800MB drive ? I was working with a 30MB drive on my 3.1 machine in 1994. I could not imagine anything over 100MB at the time.

    It’s been awhile since this post came online. The TBs are still not on everyone’s PCs.

  9. Grammer Master says

    aw common’ chris – why u dawgin’ my boy with his gramma yo’ ?!?

  10. Raleigh Burns says

    Hmm.. 20GB for personal use seems rather low for a technology aficionado. Go get yourself a Nikon DSLR and take some pictures and open an iTunes account. In about a year you’ll be in line for one of those 1TB drives with the rest of us.

    Now I’m hoping those 1TB “micronized’ drives isn’t any thinker than standard size. Western Digital has some 750GB 2.5” drives slated but they are slightly thicker and I doubt they will fit into Apple MacBookPro’s . I’ll have my eyeballs peeled though.

  11. LoL only reason why I am commenting here is because that chris guy is a DOUSHE.
    Dude, seriously..? Common it’s the internet for sakes, not school..who cares if someone’s off with there grammer or whatever, MAYBE IT WASN’T THERE FIRST LANGUAGE?

  12. Chester Field says

    4 TB laptop drives??? WOW…….first of all WHY? and secondly and more important: When and WHERE can I get one! LOL……….the question that begs to be answered is, if the read/write heads have been REDUCED to 2000 times SMALLER than the size of a human hair, what on EARTH is going to keep those suckers stable??? One bad jolt and it’s good by platters! They’ll have to do some very serious damping and shock-proofing to make them viable. Hey Chris dude, lighten up! This is a forum about HARD DRIVES not English 101. Take it somewhere else! I wonder if the posters name had been “Officer Smith” if you would have answered the way you did? Take a chill pill!

  13. Anon Y Mous says



    Now back on topic:
    having 1 tb of space on my laptop would be very epic, but costly. I could easily use a 1 tb ipod as well, more movies and music 🙂 Very good idea, and i agree with chester, if they get so small how are they not so fragile.

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