Want 1MB Broadband Guaranteed? Move to Finland

broadband_providersIf you are living in Finland as of next July, you’ll legally be entitled to receiving broadband at a minimum speed of 1Mbps, or I should say “accessing” broadband at 1Mbps. The move comes thanks to Finlands Ministry of Transport and Communications who have passed the law to say that 1MB is a legal right.

However, it doesn’t stop there as this will be ultimately bumped up to 100Mb in the not too distant future. The 100Mb legal right was mentioned just over a year ago to be put in place by 2015 and this 1Mb rule seems to be a step in between. Maybe they can expect 10 Meg late next year followed by 25Meg, on to 50Mb and then by 2015 hit the big goal.

For more details of this interesting move and what the definition of “access” means, check out the full article at CNET as it’s an interesting read.

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