18 ft Tall Giant Homemade Mech

Giant Mech

This Mech stands 18 feet tall

A Mecha is a large robotic vehicle which is generally very tall and found in science fiction movies. This one is home made and stands 18 feet tall and has 2 built in flame throwers. This Mech named the NMX04-1A is being created with the idea of practical uses such as construction on land and under water. It is created by a company named Neogentronyx and is only limited by the mind. One of the suggestions is crowd control. I could see a number of people running after this comes stomping towards them.

Video after the jump.

As can be seen, the Mech is HUGE although it does look like it could be easily toppled if not under the control of an expert.

As the information over at Neogentronyx looks quite old, I am unsure of the status of what is happening there. I do believe the first model in the video was 100% complete with versions 2A and 3A being built.

nmx04-1a standing tall

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  1. khristoff mullings says

    this mecha is a good start but i think the crowd control is a bad motive why do you want to use it for a weapon,id like to get some updates at my email address when its bei worked on and your plans to make it fly even if its not possible id like to know the concepts you guys have come up with

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