1.5GHz Qualcomm CPU’s Coming to Smartphones Soon

Qualcomm towards the end of this year will start shipping dual-core chips for smartphones. The new chip runs at 1.5GHz and is a dual core device numbered QSD8672.

As well as working in smartphones, the new 1.5GHz chip is expected to also arrive in tablets and low-cost laptops.

Release dates are mentioned as being next year although it is expected that manufactures of smartphones (if aggressive enough) might be able to get them shipping by the fourth quarter of this year.

The chip is a follow-up to the dual-core MSM8660 Snapdragon chip, which started shipping in the second quarter. The 8672 has a faster processor than 8660, which includes CPU cores running at 1.2GHz. The processor in the 8672 chip is based on an Arm design and will be manufactured using the 45-nanometer process.

Better power management will be achievable with this processor thanks to the option of clocking each core at an independent speed. For example, one core could be left idle while the other works away in cases where only 1 core is needed.

Features included with the chip also include the ability to handle 1080p video playback. Previous chips have been limited to 720p

As soon as we get details on which smartphones and tablets will be first to get the faster CPU’s, we’ll let you know.

Via: Computer World

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