13 tips for Improving CameraPhone Pictures

For those who use camera phones, you might notice that you do not always get a decent shot with the camera. Devices are becoming one over the last few years with features like cameras, mp3, internet, email and more all converging in to 1 device. However, the camera although it could be 2 – 3 megapixels does not always deliver what you want. This can be for many reasons such as lighting, distance, stability, digital zoom and more. Digital Photography Weblog have created a 13 step guide to creating the best possible photos from your camera phone. It is well worth a read. The titles are below, and please click through to read the full article as it is worth it.

1. Well lit subjects
2. Get Close
3. Keep it Still
4. Edit images later
5. Dont Throw Away mistakes
6. Avoid Using the Digital Zoom
7. Experiment with White Balance
8. Take loads of Shots and Experiment
9. Follow Rules of Composition and then Break them
10. Keep Your Lens Clean
11. Observe Camera Phone Etiquette
12. Rename your Images
13. Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone

Via: Digital Photography Weblog



  1. Excellent advice, Thanks!

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