11.6 Inch MacBook Air Teardown

Just a few days ago, Apple [AAPL] announced the new MacBook Air. Two new models were announced with the smaller one having an 11.6 inch screen. iFixit has done the usual and torn it apart to see whats exactly inside and let us know how easy it is to service the new laptop. Bad news is that its almost all propriety and therefore, difficult to put standard parts in to fix things or customise it.

Some highlights mentioned by iFixit include the scrapping of the IR sensor and sleep LED. These have been replaced by a USB 2.0 port on the right edge. Propriety 5-point security Torx screws are used to open it up although after that its all standard screws.

The battery uses six individual lithium-polymer cells that when combined, allow for a 35 Watt-hour battery.

The new MacBook Air uses a Broadcom BCM943224 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip which is taken from the MacBook Pro range.

On the back of the trackpad, a Broadcom BCM5976A0K chip can be found that is believed to handle the multi-touch aspects of the touch panel.

Overall, an impressive laptop and put together extremely well. Take a look at all of the pictures over on iFixit.

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